Staffing Solutions

There are a lot of options associated with bringing on a new employee, and making a decision about factors like capacity, payroll, duration of tenure and location are all tricky to navigate. Let F1 Technical find the most skilled temporary, temp-to-permanent or direct hire for the job. Take advantage of other options F1 has to offer as well, including payroll support and consulting services that provide the kind of expert assistance firms need in just the right amounts to suit individual enterprise needs.

Staffing solutions

Here at F1 Technical Solutions, we know that all businesses have different needs, and we have staffing experts who are ready to work with you to determine the optimal solution for your particular challenge. We have a variety of staffing options to offer, and no matter your concerns, we have the right employees and the right setup for you.

Temporary staffing
Repeated studies have shown that when employees are forced to take on large, new tasks they were unprepared for, regular productivity suffers. Temporary staffing allows your company to confront new projects or problems with our qualified staffing employees, without having to worry about any long-term consequences. It will expedite the problem solving process while keeping your commitments reasonable and allowing permanent workers to stay focused on their everyday, critical tasks.

Temporary to permanent hiring
Often, a business is interested in hiring a new, full-time employee, but for a variety of reasons could be hesitant. Perhaps your company is worried about adding salary but thinks it may be necessary, or it is concerned about the difficult talent search that finding the perfect employee will entail. Temporary to permanent hiring allows companies to work with new employees before hiring them on a permanent basis, ensuring that they will meld well with other employees in creating new value for your company.

Direct Hires
For some companies, there’s no question – it’s time to hire. Yet finding the right candidate can seem like a long and grueling process, requiring a search through various networks. With the expertise F1 has from years in the staffing industry, we can determine the best solution for your needs. Searching through our extensive networks we’ve spent years cultivating, we can be sure we match you up with the best possible candidate for your workplace.

Payroll Services
As payroll obligations mount up, the building responsibilities can become a problem for many companies. F1 can help you solve your payroll problems, no matter the size or scope of your business. We have capabilities in all areas of payroll administration and services, and can work on any area necessary to lighten your company’s load.