More tech companies looking to hire this year

With the economy improving and hiring likewise on the rise, it's no surprise that tech companies in particular should be in the market for new employees. And over the first half of the year, it's believed that many will invest in IT hiring as a crucial part of their business plans.

Indeed, 21 percent of chief information officers say their companies will hire more full-time IT staffers in the first six months of the new year, and another 63 percent say they will hire IT workers only to replace outgoing employees, according to a new survey from Robert Half Technology. However, this comes at a time when more than 3 in 5 survey respondents said they anticipated some difficulties in finding the right employees, just because it's either "somewhat" or "very" challenging to connect with skilled workers in the industry.

With the economy improving and hiring likewise on the rise, it's no surprise that tech companies in particular should be in the market for new employees.Tech companies need to stand out from the hiring crowd.

A closer look at hiring needs
The top five skills sought by hiring managers in the sector these days include database management, desktop or telecoms support, wireless network management, and business intelligence and reporting services, the report said. Moreover, it's not just major industry hubs where this hiring is most likely to take place, as San Diego is the city where CIOs were most likely to say they wanted to increase hiring efforts this year, ahead of Atlanta and New York City in the top three. Also on the list were smaller cities such as Minneapolis (sixth), Des Moines (eighth) and Salt Lake City (12th).

Looking to bigger cities
Meanwhile, a number of major cities that did not make Robert Half's hiring list nonetheless have a lot of open tech positions, especially as IT hiring now typically extends well beyond the realm of just traditional tech companies. For instance, more than a dozen companies based in and around Boston were recently featured by BostInno as being aggressive tech hirers in the first few months of the new year. Some want employees with a long background in the field, and plenty of advanced training, while others are less concerned with experience and more interested in tech workers who carry a variety of skills. Altogether, these listings add up to hundreds of open positions and therefore help keep Boston as a top tech hub in the U.S.

Likewise, several tech companies in Chicago are hanging virtual "help wanted" signs at this time of year, as they have designs on expansion as well, according to Built in Chicago. Because there is so much competition for well-trained or experienced employees in the tech realm, the salary and benefits offerings these companies provide is often significant, from full health coverage to "take what you need" vacation policies, parental leave, cell phone bill reimbursement and more.

When looking to boost IT staffing efforts, it's vital for companies to make sure they can stand out from the crowd, especially as the new year begins. The greater their offerings in terms of benefits and salary, and the stronger their ability to offer a good work-life balance, the better off both companies and employees will be going forward.

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